Amodo Mio

A – MODO – MIO is the grammatically correct way of saying our name , translated means MY WAY in Italian. The reason we have decided to name Bar Aldos, Alloa, sister restaurant this is because we have decided to venture out to Falkirk and take Italian dining to the next level, making it fun, interesting and most importantly SIMPLE… hence our slogan MANGIARE SIMPLECIAMENTE.


Our Family

Ventured and travelled from Italy to Scotland over 40 years ago, and ever since we have carried on the Italian tradition in living and eating. The beauty of Italian dining is that it can cater to everybody’s culinary palettes..from the most common dishes such and pasta and pizza to fresh fish and rare meat dishes, which have originated from all over Italy.

From the small town of Picinisco where our family originate from, we have been brought up and raised on home Italian cooking. And now through years of experience and youth we can twist and exaggerate these fantastic Italian secrets and share and incorporate into our modern way of living.

The Bar Aldos and Amodo Mio family are excited to be opening a new establishment, which we hope will inspire and excite you all in exploring Italian dining.


Come & Join Us

We are a family ran business and welcome all you to join us.

Tanti Baci
The Pia Family and Hugo